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The Key Reasons Why Contact Lenses Have Become Such A Popular Alternative To Eyeglasses

Contact lenses are tiny, curved plastic discs created to go over the cornea, the transparent front covering of the eye. Contact lenses are worn right on the actual cornea of your eye and then, when properly fitted, provide practically natural eye sight. They’ve become ever more advanced, vision-correcting ophthalmic devices.

Contacts are now among the most commonly used eyewear for various eye sight requirements. As safe and straightforward vision correction devices, contact lenses are classified as the number one selection for lots of individuals who have poor vision.

  1. They continue to be suited for individuals with medical problems when eye glasses don’t give enough clarity of sight.
  2. They are often used therapeutically with eye disorders in which an uneven cornea blurs vision, for instance keratoconus and also scarring.
  3. Contact lenses can be used to manage many conditions with the cornea, conjunctiva, or eye lids.

In the United Kingdom, contacts are generally regulated medical devices and cannot be dispensed without a current up-to-date prescription from your local optician or optometrist.

Contact lenses are unquestionably the perfect option for many who want corrective lenses. They’re above all suitable for people who don’t want to wear glasses. The reality is people opt to wear disposable lenses for several motives, often because of the better look as well practicality. In comparison to eyeglasses, contacts tend to be less affected by wet weather, do not steam up, and give a wider field of vision.

It’s always vital however that they are maintained in the proper ways as contact lenses can significantly effect an individual’s eye sight and eye health if used improperly. They can also cause irritation, dryness and even various infections if they are not the correct dimension and prescription. It is thus very important that contact lenses are accurately fitted and taken care of to help maintain healthy eyes and eyesight.

The types of lenses to choose from have exploded in the past few years simply because they have come a long way in such a short time. There are contacts designed for just about everyone in a range of different colours, alternatives and brands.

With the most recent advancements in technological innovation, contacts are especially comfortable. They’re micro thin, extremely light and barely visible and most of the time, you are going to barely know that you’re using them, though you will certainly be aware of just how clear and accurate your vision is.

About the author: Nicole Bowden is a Qualified Dispensing Optician located in Otley. Nicole Bowden Optics supply a complete range of contact lenses from all the leading brands and offer patients from Otley and the surrounding Leeds area a free contact lens trial to make sure they are 100% happy with their prescription.