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Prescription Lenses

After you’ve had your eye examination and been given your prescription our Dispensing Optician will discuss your options by explaining the choice of prescription lenses available to you. One advantage of being an independent opticians is that we have no restriction on where we source our lenses allowing us to order whatever most suits your needs and budget.

Types of Prescription Lenses

Nowadays many prescription lenses have sophisticated computer designed surfaces and this means the lenses we provide can be made thinner (for higher prescriptions), lightweight, anti-reflective, scratch-resistant and photochromic. Most types are available as single vision, bifocal or varifocal.

If you are the slightest bit concerned about bright light, ask us about the latest light-sensitive and anti-glare lens options. Anti-reflection coatings not only enhance the cosmetic appearance of your spectacles allowing people to see your eyes and not your lenses. Major benefits to you include sharper, clearer vision and increased contrast and comfort, especially when night driving. Photochromic lenses are sensitive to UV light so conveniently darken outdoors to reduce glare and tiredness but are clear indoors.

Our lens suppliers include Zeiss, Nikon, Seiko, Hoya, Sola, Essilor, Rodenstock, Kodak and many other non-branded prescription lenses to suit your budget without compromising on your requirements.

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